Tractor Birthday Invitations

Tractor Birthday Invitations. I purchased bright yellow cardstock wedding invitations and envelopes at Michaels. The invitations said, “Start up your tractor & place it in gear……Cameron’s 1st Birthday celebration is almost here! Please sign up for us as we celebrate, day, time, Cameron’s Farm, our own address, Regrets only, cell phone #. ” I utilized a green tractor that I present in Microsoft ClipArt on my pc. I also made address labeling with the tractor on them along with Cameron’s name and tackle. I found several different varieties of Steve Deere stickers at Pastime Lobby. I used the smaller sized ones on the sheets because envelope seals.

Tractor Picture Birthday Invitations are a distinctive, memorable way to invite your family and friends to a tractor themed kids party. No matter how old your son or daughter is, our custom photograph card invitations make a fantastic keepsake that family and also friends will keep long after the actual party is over. Use any kind of photos you would like, we can additionally alter the design to include absolutely no photos. Not having a party? This particular card can be used as an statement. Can be used for any age.


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